My love for cacao in it’s purest form was born in Costa Rica after volunteering at an eco-lodge. Surrounded by luscious green, the cacao plantation nestled in the rainforest was a truly magical place. I was captivated by alien-esque cacao pods and loved learning about their fascinating and important history with the Mayans, the Aztecs and beyond.


Two years later my travels took me to Rishikesh, India to complete my 300hr yoga teacher training. The herbs and spices and vibrancy of India led me to be engrossed in medicinal plants all over again. I filled half my suitcase with adaptogenic herbs and teas, one of which, was made from cacao husk.

The tea was a great replacement for caffeinated drinks and I began combining it with other herbs I’d picked up on my travels. I quickly went through my supply as my family jumped on the cacao train too. When the time came to replace it, I struggled to find anything in the UK that nearly matched the quality of the one I'd found in India. I'd learned from my time in Costa Rica, that not all cacao was created equal. Industrial, non-organic strains are typically bitter, while the lower-yielding, non-industrial stain is fruity with a greater depth of flavour. 


 In 2019, I found a supplier of great quality, organic and ethically sourced cacao husk and Chocolatea co. was born.  It's extremely important to me that farmers are fairly compensated for their products, and direct trade means we can pay a premium higher than Fair Trade to ensure people are empowered to protect natural rainforests and so future generations can keep enjoying chocolate for years to come. I hand craft the tisanes in my home in Notting Hill and I use ingredients that are 100% natural, organic where possible, sustainable & ethically sourced. All teas are free from any artificial additives, colours and preservatives.

I hope you enjoy the teas as much as I do, let me know what you think! You can read about the health benefits here

With love, 

Rachel x